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This can lead to civil lawsuits and disputes between buyers and sellers but can also lead to professional liability claims against the real estate agents or brokers. The Law of Agency is a real estate-related statute. It is provided herein for informational purposes only. The Louisiana Real Estate Commission see this site does not have regulatory authority for the enforcement of this statute. See Chapter 37 of the Commission Rules and Regulations and Louisiana Revised Statute 37:1467 for agency-related matters that are within the regulatory authority of the Commission. However, in an implied agency, there is no such thing. An implied agency does not need a written agreement nor a verbal one, but rather it stems from actions. If a real estate professional’s conduct falls within the definition of providing real estate services (each jurisdiction in Canada has a different definition of this), an agency relationship may be created despite the intentions of all parties.If that occurs, all the fiduciary obligations and duties owed to the client under the provincial legislation must then be provided.